Nanny Family Agreement

**Not Available At This Time For Purchase**

Updated and revised by industry experts to reflect the needs of today’s professional agencies, nannies and employers.

Now available as a PDF to INA agency members for a one-time fee. Special pricing available for non-member agencies and individuals.

Why Use the INA Nanny/Family Agreement?

  • The INA Nanny Family Agreement contains all of the important elements neeeded to create a professional employment agreement including salary and tax considerations, job descriptions, overtime and more.
  • The INA Nanny Family Agreement shows your clients and nannies you are a professional agency associated with an international organization.
  • The INA Nanny Family Agreement reflects current industry standards developed by INA for contract negotiation.
  • The INA Nanny Family Agreement clearly defines employment parameters.

The INA Nanny Family Agreement helps secure a successful placement as nannies and employers are able to iron out important employment details prior to beginning their working relationship.